Prior to founding Patika, Pat Zadok enjoyed a long and successful career as a television producer, bringing the visions of her global clients to life and traveling the world to work on exciting campaigns.

Of Greek and Turkish descent, Pat has always felt comfortable in foreign settings and been drawn to European flavors. As satisfaction with her advertising career began to wane, she knew it was time for a change. A lifelong baker who had earned a reputation among family, friends and colleagues for bringing the most delicious homemade treats to parties and events, Pat made the decision to launch Patika in 2014 and pursue her passion for pastries full-time.

Pat holds Patika to the highest standards of quality, authenticity, freshness and sophistication — providing clients with an intimate, handcrafted experience. The company itself is named after the nickname that Pat’s father gave her as a child, a nod to a love of baking that they shared.